Xinlun New Materials Appear at CIBF International Battery Exhibition, Supporting the Upgrading and Development of the Battery Industry

2023.05.18 Source:Xinlun


On May 18, the highly anticipated 15th China International Battery Fair (CIBF2023) was successfully concluded in Shenzhen World Exhibition&Convention Center. The three-day exhibition attracted the attention and active participation of over 2500 upstream and downstream enterprises in the global battery industry chain and countless consumers, showcasing the iterative technology and innovative achievements in the field of battery technology in all aspects.

As a service provider of high-performance aluminum-plastic film solutions for lithium batteries, Xinlun New Material, with its flagship products and system solutions such as aluminum-plastic film, pole ear, vehicle mounted explosion-proof film, thermal conductive gel, shines brightly, and has a warm exchange with customers and friends such as BYD, LG, Huineng, Yaoneng, Honeycomb, Funeng, Guoxuan Hi Tech, Micromacro Power and Guanyu, to deeply discuss the latest development of the battery industry.


The star product of Xinlun New Materials - aluminum plastic film has attracted countless attention since its exhibition. With its excellent characteristics such as resistance to electrolyte corrosion, stable composite strength, and superior long-term safety and reliability, it is widely used in consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, energy storage, and other fields.


As an ideal choice for packaging solid-state lithium batteries, aluminum plastic film soft packs have the highest energy density and perfectly match the high energy density characteristics of solid-state lithium cells. The process of this packaging method has become increasingly mature after years of development and optimization, especially suitable for stacked electrode groups. From the perspective of process maturity, cost, and efficiency, lamination → soft packaging is the most suitable process for the preparation of all solid-state batteries.

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Xinlun New Materials acquired the aluminum plastic film business of Japan Topographic in 2016. After absorbing, merging and developing in recent years, it is now at a leading level in terms of research and development technology, process equipment, production capacity, and quality in China. In 2021, the market share of domestic power aluminum plastic films reached 75%. For one of the future development directions of solid-state lithium batteries, Xinlun New Materials has always maintained high attention and actively carried out technical reserves for new materials and processes.

In order to better adapt to the usage needs of semi-solid and solid-state lithium batteries, Xinlun New Materials is committed to developing high-temperature resistant and high drawing depth aluminum plastic films, and upgrading and iterating based on key factors such as product heat resistance and drawing depth, continuously improving the performance and quality of aluminum plastic films, and developing high-performance aluminum plastic films that are more in line with the characteristics of semi-solid and solid-state lithium batteries to meet customers' needs for high-quality battery manufacturing materials, Assist in the mass production of solid-state lithium batteries.

The company has a complete set of imported production lines from Japan, achieving full process automatic defect monitoring and nanoscale coating accuracy, and has hundreds of patents and authorizations worldwide, forming a complete patent system. The continuously expanding production capacity of  Xinlun New materials has become one of the three major manufacturers of aluminum plastic film for soft lithium batteries worldwide.


With the rapid development of power batteries, energy storage batteries, fuel cells, and related materials, Xinlun New Materials, as a leading domestic high-end power aluminum plastic film enterprise, will actively explore the healthy development and breakthrough innovation of the battery industry in the new era, continue to maintain high-quality product performance and efficient delivery capacity, and inject "new power" into the development of the battery industry with advanced technology.