As an innovation platform for R&D resources integration and technical support of the Company, Xinlun New Materials Technology Operation Center adheres to the mission of leading the industrys sustainable development with innovation, explores customers’ latest needs in-depth, lays emphasis on independent innovation, and integration of production, education and research, and accelerates transformation of technological achievements. The Company has established 4 high-standard domestic R&D centers, 1 branch of post-doctoral workstation and overseas R&D branches in Japan, etc., introduced foreign advanced and sophisticated R&D testing equipment, as well as nearly 200 middle and senior technical personnel at home (including Hong Kong and Taiwan regions), and abroad (including the United States, Japan, etc.), and established long-term scientific research cooperation with nearly 20 domestic and overseas scientific research institutes, dozens of mainstream terminal brand enterprises, ODM and suppliers. It is committed to the research and exploration in high-performance new energy materials, electronic functional materials and high-end optoelectronics display material, organosilicon materials, etc.

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    Independently build 4 high-standard R&D centers in the industry

    We have established four domestic research and development centers, including electronic functional materials, optoelectronic display materials, organosilicon materials, and new energy-aluminum-plastic composite film materials. We have also established Shenzhen Postdoctoral Workstation and Suzhou Postdoctoral Innovation Base, as well as overseas research and development branches in Japan.

  • A scientific and technological innovation center of domestic enterprises with advanced R&D team and software and hardware R&D facilities

    The R&D center has introduced more than 1,000 sets of foreign advanced equipment and instruments. It has an advanced R&D team and software and hardware R&D facilities, forming a high-standard domestic enterprise technology innovation center. The Suzhou laboratory has passed the CNAS certification.