Xinlun New Material Blind Hole OCA Successfully Passed 1000 Hour Reliability Verification by End Customers, Realizing Mass Production and Supply

2023.05.25 Source:Xinlun

Recently, Xinlun New Material blind hole OCA has successfully passed the most stringent 1000 hour reliability verification by mainstream terminal brand manufacturers and has achieved large-scale mass production. This major breakthrough means that Xinlun New Materials has become the third global service provider to steadily mass produce this material, breaking the monopoly of overseas enterprises in the blind hole OCA field.

The blind hole OCA of the new fiber material uses various acrylic monomers, which are copolymerized through free radical reaction to form a special structural segment of acrylic resin, and modified on the main chain to form a special structural acrylic resin. As a typical pressure sensitive adhesive, it has viscoelasticity and the following properties:

▪ Under high temperature and pressure, it has excellent viscous flow performance, resulting in a filling capacity of over 60% and ultra-high filling performance;

▪ Having high elastic performance, able to adapt well to polarizers, perfectly following the contraction and expansion of polarizers, and avoiding bubble rebound;

▪ Excellent heavy industry performance, able to withstand the test of heating heavy industry;

▪ Excellent reliability, able to withstand various environmental impacts such as high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature cycling, and ultraviolet radiation, without generating bubble rebound.



In addition, the resin has the performance of ordinary full adhesion OCA at room temperature, which can complete cutting, die-cutting, and other processing without affecting dimensional stability; After the fitting is completed, it has good fluidity under heating and pressure conditions, can fill the circular holes of the polarizer, and has good reliability after UV irradiation.

As a leading enterprise in the domestic intelligent terminal and touch display industry in terms of functional material solutions, Xinlun New Materials has been laying out blind hole OCA research and development work for a long time. From 2019 to 2020, through unremitting exploration and efforts, Xinlun blind hole OCA completed performance verification at multiple clients. In 2020, Xinlun blind hole OCA successfully passed the thorough verification by screen factory customers and entered the screen factory resource pool for formal verification. In 2021, the product was officially recommended to end customers and verified by them. Subsequently, mass production was carried out in the new project, and the most stringent 1000 hour reliability verification project from mainstream end brand manufacturers was passed, breaking the monopoly of overseas enterprises in the blind hole OCA field, making Xinlun New Material the third material service provider in the world to steadily produce blind hole OCA in mass production.

At present, Xinlun blind hole OCA has been widely used in fields such as mobile phones, tablets, televisions, and has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers and markets. The company will continue to increase its research and development investment in the field of consumer electronics, develop new display application materials suitable for flexible display screens, and consolidate and deepen its business in the mobile phone sector. At the same time, the company is rapidly verifying on-board OCA and plans to enter the field of on-board materials through on-board OCA and explosion-proof film projects, expanding into fields such as smart car display applications.