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Medicine And Food Purification Engineering Construction Details

Purification Door

Applicable for clean room, hospital, pharmaceutical factory, food factory and others occasions which have cleanliness requirements. This kind of product has good whole performance which has advantages of nice exterior, flat, high strength, anti-corrosion, no dust and easy to clean. Besides, it is comfortable and quickly to install. New type of door frame can adjust its width and has tight sealing.

Purification Window

The products can be divided into square window, circular window, single glazing window and double glazing window which use armored glass, hollow glass as materials. PVC window frame can be divided into black edge, white edge, rough edge and others. Medicine and food factories are recommended to apply double glazing window which has good sound insulation and tight sealing. If keep even room temperature, it can prevent dust and easy to clean.

Purification Floor

The products include epoxy resin, PVC wall, self-leveling wall, color mortar coatings and others which are suitable for clean zones in hospital, pharmaceutical factory, and food factory. The products have characteristics of impact resistance, high load, wear resistance, overall seamless, easy to clean, damp proof, dust free, and general chemical resistance. The products are able to make antiskid or matte effect which can reach esthetic effects.

Purification Color Steel Plate

Purification color steel plates are thermal insulation composite maintenance plates which stick stoving varnish plates or other panels or bottom plates to insulation core materials by adhesives (or foaming). Purification color steel plates can be divided into hollow glass magnesium color steel plate, handmade glass magnesium rock wool sandwich plate, handmade aluminum honeycomb color steel plate, handmade polystyrene color steel plate, handmade rock wool sandwich steel plate, handmade paper honeycomb color steel plate and handmade polyurethane (PU) color steel plate. Purification Color Steel Plate has the characteristics of high strength, easy construction, easy maintenance, prevent dust, easy to clean, anti-corrosion and fire resistance.

  • Purification High Efficiency Air Supply Outlet

    Applicable for class C and class D clean room. Light weight, comfortable installation, especially for clean room color steel structure and aluminum alloy keel installation. Applicable for medicine factory, biotechnology, food and beverage factory, hospital and so on.

  • Purification Air Duct

    The interior of galvanized air ducts are smooth, low resistance, low energy consumption, low operation cost, good air-tightness and good sealing, and high compressive strength. In the meantime, good fireproof performance is one of the reasons that galvanized air ducts can be widely used. Galvanized air ducts can be easily installed and comfortably manufactured which can closely work with civic engineering and are suitable for extremely complicated purification ventilating engineering.

  • Negative Pressure Measurement

  • Purification Accessories