Xinlun New Materials Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Dow Chemical

2023.04.18 Source:Xinlun

On April 18, 2023, Xinlun New Materials and Dow Chemical signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. Xinlun New Materials Chairman Liao Yao and Dow Chemical's Senior Sales Director for Greater China Huang Yingxue signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Li Hongliang, President of Xinlun New Materials, He Yong, General Manager of Supply Chain Center, Daniela Souza Miranda, Director of Global Markets and Recycling Business at Dow Chemical, and Xiao Koda, Senior Director of Sustainable Development Business in the Asia Pacific region, attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing of the agreement.


Since 2020, Xinlun New Materials and Dow Chemical have been cooperating for 3 years, forming a complete product development certification and quality control process. Good progress has been made, completing all customer certification processes, and starting mass supply. At the same time, significant progress has been made in modifying particle materials, and both sides have now achieved stable cooperation. The achievement of these achievements cannot be achieved without the understanding, tolerance, and efforts of both parties.

Dow Chemical stated that in line with the principle of providing comprehensive solutions for Xinlun, both parties will strengthen cooperation.

Xinlun New Materials stated that Dow's strong research and development capabilities meet the strategic needs of Xinlun's future development. It is a preferred supplier and important partner for Xinlun. Based on the existing cooperation, both parties will further expand the scope and scale of cooperation.


According to the agreement, both parties will leverage their respective advantages, deepen cooperation, and promote integrated aluminum plastic film solutions for soft pack lithium batteries. Through technological upgrading and innovation in adhesives and special plastics, we are committed to promoting the application and development of aluminum plastic films for soft packaged lithium batteries.