Combing with its own business advantages and grand strategies of future developments, Selen Science & Technology’s science innovation center has confirmed four major fields’ directions of R&D which are  photoelectric display functional material, high performance new energy material, high performance fiber material and anti-static/clean room products material. And it has invested huge R&D expenditures successively to propel the transformations of R&D achievements.

Four Research Areas

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Postdoctoral Innovation Base (Shenzhen)

Xinlun has been approved and awarded postdoctoral innovation practice base in early 2015 which focuses on R&D in high-end new material field and has offered innovation supports and technology accumulation to company’s strategy implementation. So far, postdoctoral innovation practice base has recruited 2 postdoctors and equipped with professional research team.


Functional Material R&D Center (Suzhuou、Changzhou)

Xinlun has confirmed transformation of new material and set up photoelectric display functional material R&D test and inspection center whose main products are functional adhesive tape, high cleaning protective film, liquid optical clear adhesive(LOCA), thermal materials and other products. Photoelectric display functional material R&D center covers an area of 4600 square meters which owns class 100000 clean room and class 100 clean room with over 400 sets advanced apparatus. The company has established a high-quality R&D team with 2 returnees, 4 doctors, and 26 masters.